The Upstate Bluegrass Band has something special. There are plenty of bands that can play the licks and hit the harmonies but the bands that I favor, the bands that bring people back, are the ones that send the audience out with a smile on their faces. The Upstate Bluegrass Band does exactly that. They can play to be sure. In fact, Scott Hopkins, the banjo player is, in my mind, a virtuoso. But the magic comes from their ability to engage the audience with music and humor to make sure they all leave smiling.” - Terry Baker

— Bluegrass In Heaven Promoter

The Upstate Bluegrass Band

Left to right...

Arlin Greene - Bass and Vocals 

Don Young - Guitar and Vocals 

Scott Hopkins - Banjo and Vocals 

Fred Lantz - Mandolin and Vocals

Frank Orsini - Fiddle and Vocals 

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