I met Scott while attending Fiddle Heads Acoustic Jam Camp where he was an instructor. As a guitarist for 40+ years I taught myself to play banjo with all the bad habits of trying to play a banjo like a guitar. In a few short months, Scott has diagnosed and corrected my bad habits and has me on my way to becoming a real banjo picker. We talk about all sorts of music genres and are also looking outside Bluegrass/Old-time music into Jazz and Rock. His experience as an educator is obvious and shows in his lessons. Very lucky to have crossed paths and looking forward to advancing my skills under his tutelage.”

— Scott Bralow, Philadelphia, PA (2024)

Scott is an excellent banjo teacher. He encourages me to let him know what I want to work on but also guides me using clear instructions including playing demonstrations that are exactly tailored to my playing level. In addition to improving solo breaks, under his instruction I can now compose my own back up and up the neck breaks. I have even gained the confidence to perform in front of a live audience for the first time!”

— Gary Tabas, Pittsburgh, PA (2023)

Scott quickly assessed my abilities and goals as a player. He takes the time to understand how people learn and provides lessons that are relevant, challenging and fun. My playing has improved significantly as a result. I would recommend him to anyone looking to really play banjo.”

— Betsy Engelhardt, West Groves, PA (2022)

After taking lessons with Scott for a year, my playing has greatly improved. He's taught me bluegrass standards while also leaving the door open to whatever songs or genres I want to play. He's even assisted me with my own songwriting. If you want to become a serious banjo player, call Scott Hopkins.”

— Ben Gorman, Troy, NY (2021)

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