Kevin McKrell - Guitar and Vocals

Arlin Greene - Bass and Vocals

Scott Hopkins - Banjo and Vocals

Peter Pashoukos - Guitar

Frank Orsini - Fiddle and Vocals

Brian Melick - Percussion

If bands were paid by the number of notes they played, soulfulness, conviction, confidence or black leather the McKrells would have bagged most of the money Thursday. Kevin McKrell owned the stage and crowd as usual and sang "It's Not Me" as the country-est song of the night. They were a delicious bonus and surprise.”

— The Daily Gazette

The McKrells at The Egg in Albany, NY - 2021

"It's positively exhilarating to be swept away by a regional band's CD. The songwriting talent in this band is mind boggling. Why aren't The McKrells better known and why aren't they with a major recording label???” ”

— Bluegrass Now Magazine

Kevin McKrell entertained in wry blarney, sang Ould Sod sentiment in “Dublin Town” and “Home in Donegal” and, most impressively, crooned his original songs of John Prine-like insight and effortless musicality.”

— The Daily Gazette